Top Best Home Remedies to stop abnormal discharge, Vaginal Yeast Infection!

If you are troubled by the vaginal discharge, then today we are going to tell you with the help of this article how you can get rid of this problem. But before that, you know what the reasons behind the vaginal discharge are. The reasons behind the vaginal discharge are:

• Sexually Transmitted Disease
• Cervical infection
• Pelvic inflammation
• vaginal infection
• ovarian cancer

Before you are a victim of abnormal discharge, let’s tell you how you can solve lots of discharge problem by using home remedies.

Fenugreek Seeds
Fenugreek will get you easily in your home kitchen. Soak it in hot water and keep it soaked in hot water. After this, when it gets cool, you can consume it. This will make you stronger from inside. Besides, if you have a fenugreek seeds powder, then you can consume it with lukewarm water.

Ladies Finger

Boil the ladybug and you consume it. With this treatment, you get relief from the white water of the vaginal discharge. Some people consume lady’s bees in yoghurt by consuming it. This eliminates vaginal infections and thick white discharge.

Coriander Seeds
Top Best Home Remedies to stop abnormal discharge, Vaginal Yeast Infection!

Keep aside the seeds of the coriander overnight. After this, empty your intake after the next morning. By taking this treatment, you can easily get rid of vaginal discharge and pink discharge.

Indian Gooseberry

You can also remove vegan dosage by making powder by using dry amla powder. Yes, for this, you should consume it with honey mixed with dry amla powder.

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You can also remove veganel discharges by consuming pomegranate seeds or juice. Pomegranate leaves also offer the best treatment for this problem. You make a paste of pomegranate leaves and take it out of your mouth empty.


Make a juice of basil leaves and mix honey in it. This problem is also overcome by consuming it. You can also consume by mixing basil leaves with milk.

Rice Starch

Will you make rice every day at home? In this way, when you cook rice, take out the rice starch separately.  take it. This will also solve your abnormal discharge problems.

Guava Leaves
You boil 15 to 20 leaves of guava until then. the water is halfway. Now, after cooling down the water, drink this drink.


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