Top 12 Beautiful, Modern Nail Art, Nail Paints And Nail polish ! Which Men’s Love on Women Hands!

A woman can go to any extent to make her nails beautiful by easy nail polish designs. Do you know why? This is because they love to wear nail art designs very well. Apart from this, they also know that what color nail polish do guys like yahoo also like their painted nails and summer nails acrylic.

Nail polish and mascara are the most important parts of women makeup kits that make men very fond of women. Although he never speaks openly, he likes to wear women’s mascara, nail polish and simple nail designs.

How can I make my short nails look cute? If you have short nail and you are searching for new nail designs for short nails. Try different nail art designs for short nails that you can rely on to look beautiful for more than just a day or two. 


Let’s tell you, What are the most popular nail polish colors?

  •  Red nail designs
  •  Emerald
  •  Lavender
  • Magenta
  •  Coral
  • Shattered glass
  • Geometric
  •  Dot nail
  • Lining dotted nails
  • Triangle
  •  Newspaper
  •  Huffamon Nails

1. Red Nail Polish

If you have any of the lingerie or nail polish, then men get reddish color. They like women in red. This is because it is a highly attractive color. So keep in mind today that when you go to the first date, you must choose the pretty nail colors for summer. What are the popular nail colors for 2019? Red color nail paint is the most popular nail art designs to make your hands beautiful.

2. Emerald

When it comes to nail polish, in such a way, you can choose the Emerald colour. Although this color has not yet become more famous among Nail Polish lovers. One reason for this is its low availability in the market, but Emerald Nail polish gives your nails a better color. This color is classy as well as a catechumen also.

3. Lavender

It also comes in those colours, which men prefer a lot. It is a very soft colour, which easily wins men’s hearts. Lavender colour is quite attractive. In the summer season, you can use this nail polish after the manicure, it gives a better look to your nails.

4. Magenta

The magenta colour is designed for girls. Though men do not know any difference in the colour of Pink and Magenta, this colour choice is quite enough to them. This colour is quite bold, so you can paint your nails better by using this colour.

5. Coral

When you are in confusion and you want to put a nail polish on your nails, then you can use coral colour. This rule applies to lipstick as well as for nail polish. The day of summer is the name of the coral colours. It attracts the attention of people and gives a beautiful look to your hands. Men like this colour quite

6. Shattered Glass

This nail art is in great trends and is very much liked. It is also easy to make it. Apply nail polish colour or nail polish to your favourite colour and paste small pieces of cellophane paper in it. Shetter Glass Nails designs are ready.

7. Geometric

Use Scotch Tape to make different types of nail art. With its help, you can prepare the design of the Gazelle in your fingernails.

8. Dot Nail

This is very easy. Apply nail polish and make a dot in it.


9. Lining Dotted Nails

Take different colour bottle colour. Find Nail Polish Dip any needle stuffed into a bottle colour and make a dot from the line above the nails. You can also make a colour dot or even different colour.


10. Triangle

To make this nail art you have to have natural and bright colour nail polish. Make a triangle in the blue colour of the natural colour and above it in the bright colour.

11. News Paper

This nail design is the best and beautiful nail design that takes place at every opportunity. Apply whitening, bright or light coloured nail polish to dry. Now soak nail in alcohol for two minutes. Paste the newspaper on the wet nail and after some time remove the newspaper. Newspaper Nails are ready


12. Huffamon Nails

Take two nail polish of your favourite colour combinations. Find Nail Polish Now make a half fold from the cellophane paper and put it at the east end of the nail. Now put nail polish on the remaining part. Huffmon Nails designs are ready on your fingernails.


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