Rice Pakora Recipe | How to Make Rice Pakora by Chef Ravikant

Rice Pakora Recipe | How to make rice pakora by chef Ravikant

Main Ingredients For Rice Pakora Recipe: Cooked Rice, Gram Flour, Onions
Cuisine: Fusion
Course: breakfast

Chef Ravikan prepared many dishes with leftover rice.crisp and soft pakora’s make with leftover cooked rice.here Chef Ravikant shared our more than 15 years of cooking experience for cooked rice pakora recipe or how to make rice pakora steps by step.  chawal ke pakore recipe steps by step.

Ingredients For Rice Pakora Recipe

  • One cup boiled rice
  • One cup of finely chopped vegetables (carrot, beans, capsicum, green onion)
  • A teaspoon grated garlic
  • One small spoonful finely chopped green chilies
  • Two large spoonfuls of green coriander chopped
  • Three tablespoons Corn Flour
  • Two tablespoon white sesame seeds
  • 1/2 teaspoon black pepper powder
  • Salt
  • Oil 

how To make gram flour mixture  For Rice Pakora Recipe and rice pakora also

Besan – 1 cup
Cumin Seeds – Half a teaspoon
Red Chilly Powder – Fourth Teaspoon
Salt – according to the taste

Method for Rice Pakora Recipe | How to Make Rice Pakora 

Put oil in a pan and fry garlic and green chilies. After this, add green chopped vegetables and cook for some time. After that add salt and black pepper and cook for two to three minutes. Rice Pakora Recipe | How to Make Rice Pakora.

Let the vegetables cool down after a while by shutting down the gas. Mix rice, corn flour, green coriander and stir well in this cooked vegetable. After this make lemon-shaped shells of this mixture. Keep these balls in the fridge for 15-20 minutes. Rice Pakora Recipe | How to Make Rice Pakora .

After this, remove the sponge from the fridge and keep these balls wrapped with a sesame. After this, heat oil in a pan and fry until it becomes golden on medium flame. Serve this pakoda with green coriander sauce and tomato sauce also.

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How to Make Rice Pakoda

step 1

Keep oil in a pan to heat it as needed.
Step 2

Cut the onion, ginger and mint leaves into a chopper.
Step 3

Take the rice in a bowl, add the chopped onion-turmeric leaves, gram flour, salt, green chilies, and chat masala and mix well.
Step 4

Make medium-sized balls of this mixture and put it in hot oil and fry until golden and crisp. Remove from oil and put it on Absorbant paper and also serve in plat. Serve hot.

Preparation time: 6-10 minutes

Cooking time: 16-20 minutes

Servings: 4

Cooking level: Medium

Taste: soft

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