No Sunburn! Look Young & Beautiful By These Dermatologist Sunburn Treatment

The summer is waiting in every corner of the world. During the summer season, you cannot spend lots of clothes, enjoy cool stuff and enjoy a bath. But during this time, your skin condition worsens for a lot of outing, because problems like sunburn, tanning etc are there. Dangerous people also get pain due to tan or burning. Due to UV rays, there is a danger of skin cancer in Jhulshi skin. Many times more sunburn, they also get stains.

The truth is that you can not stay in the house even after the fear of Sunburn. For this, people often save sunscreen for the only option, which is available in the market according to different PF values and you have to use it according to your skin type.

These days, Expert Dermatologist is also telling about some of the ways that you can heal Sunburn or save skin before that. These are domestic ways that you will be available in your kitchen or refrigerator.

Dr.  Joshua Gaisner, the famous and successful dermatologist of New York City, recommends that sunburn has a bad effect on people’s skin, for which cold milk is the best. Other ways, we will also tell you here:

Sunburn related data:

1. Each and every third of the population in the summer season suffers from severe sunburn problem.

2. More than half of the population’s skin burns in the sun and it also has a bad effect on the face.

3. 1/5 of the population is unaware of the bad effects of Sunburn, he does not know what can be done with it.

4. Many people often go out in the sun due to work, and because of this, their body burns with the sun.

5. One-third of the population never goes to a dermatologist for sunburn or skin related problems.

Why does Sunburn fall Red-spotted trail on the skin?

Due to Sunburn, skin rashes, effects of UV rays and heat cause. In order to fix this, your body’s immune system works and right there, it cleanses itself from inside, only then this burning part looks light red. Actually, it is a good sign to heal the skin. Therefore, it is important to know about fast recovery of sunburn so that you are suffering less and soon you will get rid of it. Here are some simple and home remedies for fixing Sunburn, which is quite effective:

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1. Cold  Milk

2. Cold Water Or ice Water

3. Yogurt / Curd

4. Ibuprofen Or  Martin

5. Eloeverra

1. Cold Milk-

Cooled milk kept in the fridge is very beneficial in fixing sunburn. There are also essential vitamins and proteins that heal the skin and make it resemble again. Cold milk is also comfortable in irritation due to sunburn. You have to put it in a cotton ball and place it in a sunburned area, you will feel comfortable in no time. In cold milk, there is the amount of vitamin A and D, lactic acid, amino acids and proteins that heal the skin.

3. Cold Water Or Ice Water-

Dermatologists recommend that cold water or ice water cools down the skin and improves the severe sunburn. So if you get the sunburn, then take cold water or ice from the refrigerator. In a little while, the pain and irritation will get relief. You can also take cold baths if you wish.

2. Yogurt / Curd-

Yogurt or curd is very beneficial in Sunburn. Some dermatologists believe that applying or using yogurt reduces the effect of UV rays on the skin. Directing it on the affected area gives relief. As well as the skin becomes redness and stains. After applying this, you can also massage with light hands so that they can be appropriately applied.

5. Ibuprofen Or Martin-

Ibuprofen or Martin is an anti-inflammatory drug that provides relief from irritation, pain, and itching. The dermatologist explains that during sunburn, itching is made from the inside of the skin, which causes swelling. In this case, these medicines are helpful in the healing process and heal Sunburn. But do not take this painkiller anytime without the advice of a doctor.

4. Eloeverra-

If you call Aloe vera a miraculous plant then it will not be wrong. It has many medicinal properties. One quality is also to repair sunburn. When sunburn occurs, applying the aloe vera gel in the skin provides relief in irritation and stains are also removed. This provides cooling effects to the gel, skin. Next time you arrive from the trip, break an aloe vera leaf from your garden and place its fresh gel on the body. You will soon benefit.

After treatment:

After the primary treatment to heal Sunburn, you will have to do some procedures to re-normalize your skin so that healing is done right and well. This should be taken care of, because after the sunburn, in order to heal your skin, its temperature drops, so it is important to maintain its coolness. Also, moisture in the skin is also maintained so that it does not tear nor scratch. Keep these things in mind for this:

Also, moisture in the skin is also maintained so that it does not tear nor scratch. Keep these things in mind for this:

1. After burning the skin cool, keep it moisturizing regularly. This will keep moisture in the skin.

2. Put petroleum jelly or cream on the skin. This makes skin better.

3. Apply lotion formulation on your skin. This is right to soften the skin.

4. Do not make any kind of makeup during sunburn or after a few days. This can have a bad effect on the skin.

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