Monsoon Season: 4 Top Hair Care Tips For Healthy Hair In Rainy Season.

Now the rainy season has come. The rainy weather that comes after the scorching heat of the month of June brings relief for everyone. But this monsoon season brings relief in addition to relief, which is very important to avoid. One of these problems is the falling hair. The girls who do a lot of work This happens because the amount of moisture content increases in the air during this season and when the dust goes into our scalp with the wind, the dust gets spoiled right there, which causes hair to break.

We are going to tell you some tips for monsoon season that you will be able to take care of your hair in this rainy season or rainy weather.

1- Make use of antibacterial shampoo
If you use antibacterial shampoo in this monsoon season, rainy season, it will give you more benefits. In fact, in this rainy weather, our scalp becomes more oily than other days. In this way, your regular shampoo will be ineffective.

2-Use the leave-in conditioner
Rainwater is also one of the reasons for hair breakdown in the rainy season. Because this water contains dirt, organic molecules and many types of acid. When it goes through our hair scalp, we weaken the hair. Therefore, in this rainy weather, leave-in conditioner should be used so that you can avoid harmful substances present in this water.

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3- Try to keep hair dry
After soaking in the rain it is very necessary that you dry your hair as soon as you can. Do not allow rainwater to remain in your hair for long periods of time. Wipe them thoroughly with the cloth and dry the hair. Because if your scalp remains confined for a long time, then there is fear of having an impact.

4- Use the right comb

Weather Anyone is very important that you choose a right comb. If you are combing wet hair, then you should use a comb with thick and wide teeth. This does not break your hair.  

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