How to Make Sohan Halwa | Sohan Halwa Recipe by Chef Ravikant

How to make Sohan Halwa on Diwali? As the festival of Diwali draws closer, preparations are going on with equal vigor. For this, people plan to buy new clothes, get ready, decorate the house and cook fabulous food. On this day, guests are also coming, whose sweet and salty dishes are made for eating and drinking.

This time on Diwali you can make Sohan Halwa for guests and household people. It is a traditional Indian dessert, which can be made easily at home as well. Sohan Halwa recipe is a traditional Indian sweet recipe. Let’s how to make the best sweet dish on Diwali?


Sohan Halwa Recipe by Chef Ravikant


Halwa is a traditional Indian sweet made with maida, milk and dry fruits. Traditionally it is made in circular rounds.


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Sohan Halwa Recipe Card

Chef: Ravikant Sharma
Prep Time: 31-40 minutes
Cook time: 31-40 minutes
Serve: 4
Level Of Cooking: Difficult
Taste: Sweet

Nutrition Info

Calories: 7689 Kcal
Carbohydrates: 1332.7 gm
Protein: 17.6 gm
Fat: 253.6 gm
Other: Iron- 36mg

Ingredients for Sohan Halwa Recipe

Sugar – ½ kg
Cornflour or maida – half kg
Ghee – ½ kgAlmonds – 250 grams
Pistachios – 100 grams
Green cardamom – 50 grams
Milk – 1 cup
Water – 2 liters
Saffron – 1 Tbsp
Orange color 1/2 teaspoon


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How to Make Sohan Halwa | Sohan Halwa Recipe by Chef Ravikant
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How to Make Sohan Halwa at Home

Heat one liter of water in a vessel and add sugar to it and let it boil for five minutes. Now add one cup of milk and let it boil again for 5 minutes. After five minutes, pour this mixture in muslin cloths and sieve. Put this mixture in a pan, Add edible orange color to the syrup and mix. and keep it on the flame again. Now dissolve 1 teaspoon saffron and mix it in this mixture.

Now add refined flour to this mixture and cook on low heat. When the refined flour starts to thicken, add 1 tablespoon of ghee to it. Keep in mind that this mixture will now stick in the bottom, to avoid this, keep adding ghee slowly. Ghee will separate when the mixture is ready.

Garnish it with almonds, pistachio, and cardamoms. Spread this halwa by grease a pan or tray with oil. As soon as it cools down, remove the pieces and serve it. This is one of the best Sohan Halwa recipes at home. With this recipe, you can also make Multani Sohan halwa at your home.

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