Gain Weight: These Magic Foods Will increase the weight in A Week.

Low weight can be harmful to health. In such a way, workout and the good diet are important for weight gain. take best foods to gain weight. let us know how to gain weight in a week or gain weight naturally.

Use these Things to increase weight easily and stay fit and beautiful these foods will gain weight in a week.

  • Banana
  • Milk & Honey
  • seasonal fruits
  • Dry Foods With Milky

Banana can prove to be very helpful in increasing weight. Eat at least three bananas daily. If you eat the banana with curd, it will get more benefit. Banana shakes can also be made.

Drinking honey in hot milk before breakfast or before sleeping, the weight will increase rapidly.

Eating seasonal fruits also increases weight by eating melon. It also protects you from dehydration.

Bodybuilders and wrestlers consume nutritious milk to gain weight. In nuts, you can take hot milk with almonds, dates, and figs.

Eating 30 grams of raisins daily will increase weight in one month.

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Take more carbohydrate and calorie items in the diet. By eating flour, rice, honey, nuts, butter, the weight will increase easily.

Steamed Rice Served In Bowl On Table

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