Foods You Should Never Store In The Fridge – Life Can Be In Danger

All of us are buying a week’s fruits and vegetables together for a busy schedule and then keep them in the refrigerator to keep them fresh for a long time, but perhaps you will be unaware that there are so many things that are Do not keep in the fridge. Not only this, keeping these things in the fridge has a bad effect on your health. Let’s know about those things that should be avoided in the fridge.

Do not keep these Foods in the refrigerator or Fridge


Never put coffee in the fridge. By keeping it in the fridge, it absorbs the smell of other things kept in it and quickly gets spoiled.

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You may be surprised to read this, but the bread should never be kept in the fridge because by keeping it in the fridge it also changes its flavor and also causes heavy damage to your health.


Tomatoes should never be kept in the fridge because by keeping them in the fridge the membrane inside them breaks. Because of which tomato starts to bloom quickly. Not only this, but tomato in the fridge also damages our health.


Keeping the bananas in the fridge turns them black. It releases the gas named ethylene, which also causes it to spoil the fruits kept around it.




The honey should never be kept in the fridge. Honey is already preserved. If you keep it normally in the jar, then that person will also run that year. By keeping it in the fridge it becomes crystal and it becomes difficult to remove it from the jar.



By keeping potatoes in the fridge, it starts changing to starch sugar, which can damage the health. It also has an effect on its taste.


Watermelon should not be kept in the fridge. By keeping watermelon in the fridge, the nutritious properties present in its end.

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Fruits containing citric acids, such as lemon and orange, cannot tolerate the fridge coolness. Stains on their peels and there are also effective on the taste. By keeping them in the fridge, the juice of these fruits starts drying.


People like to eat cold cucumber during the summer season. But they do not get tired in the fridge for more than two or three days. Keep them out, but separate from ethylene gas leftover bananas and tomatoes. For all these fruits, a rack can be kept in the kitchen. Have different fruits on each shelf so that they do not harm each other.


Many people think that the reason for keeping the onions away from the fridge is only their smell. In fact, onion-like potato seems to be damaged by moisture. Onion keeps on melting in the fridge. Place it in a dry and dark place like potato, but do not forget to keep it with potatoes. The gas from the potato spoils the onion.



Do not put garlic in the fridge just like onions. This will germinate and loosen. Garlic and onion can be put together. Keep in mind that there is no sunlight or too much light.

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