Dysuria: Causes, Remedies, Tips, Diet,Treatment for Burning Urination Problem!

The problem of pain and irritation in urine is common. Many times when you eat more chili-spiced things, irritation occurs while doing urination. Generally, these problems can happen in any season, but in the summer it is expected to increase because the outside temperature is high during hot weather. In such a case, if you eat hot things or chili-spiced things, then the body can not digest it and there is a problem of stomach problems or urination and pain. There may be many other causes of irritation and pain in urine, such as infections or any disease etc. With this kind of irritation, you can get relief easily from home remedies. One such recipe is the gourd juice that you can make at home and it is a panacea for urination and pain of urination.

Chilli-masala and roasting may cause irritation in the urine.

Burning of acids in urine also results in burning.

Gourd juice from drinking juice and pain relief.

UTI( urinary tract infection)

Usually, the cause of irritation in the urethra is due to wrong eating habits or urinary tract infection or UTI. When the level of acid is high in urine, there is a problem of irritation while pissing. One reason for UTI is the lack of cleanliness too, so if you have a problem of burning in urine, take special care of cleanliness. Many times drinking less water also causes irritation in the urethra, so eat less food during the summer season but drink plenty of water.

Chlamydia can cause

Chlamydia is a kind of sexually transmitted disease i.e. STD. The cause of this disease is chlamydia trachomatosis bacteria. These bacteria harm women’s reproduction senses. Therefore, due to this disease women may have irritation and pain problems during urination. When making relationships for prevention of such diseases, take adequate security and take care of cleanliness.

Because of urination in urine

There are many reasons for urinating in urine, so first of all, you should be clear that your problem is due to you, then you will be able to successfully treat it. So let’s know the urine in urine –

1. Pregnant women
2. Because of injury or injury in organ
3. Due to infection in the genitals
4. Because of Prostate Growth in Men
5. By not cleaning the sexes
6. Due to sexually transmitted disease
7. Due to making the insecure physical connection
8. Due to blocked urinary tract
9. Because of the absence of stones in the kidney
10. Due to malfunction in liver
11. Due to diabetes
12. Due to lack of water in the body
13. Because of fever

Is burning sensation in the urine a serious disease?

As we said earlier, burning sensation in urine is not a problem in itself, but it is a sign of another disease. If you have occasional irritation in the urine, there is no reason to panic as many times a urine may increase irritation if the number of acid increases.

But if this burn is daily, then you must make a checkup. Let’s know when burning sensation in urine refers to a serious illness –

1. Blood in the urine
2. Itching of the cheeks
3. Sex swelling
4. Heartburn with jealousy in the sexes.
5. Stop stopping piss
6. frequent urination
7. The color of urine is very thick
8. Pain in the urine tube
9. Pick something like a thorn in the urinary tract
10. Pain with jealousy in the juvenile

Precautions when burning urine

The person who is jealous of urine should be aware of the care of his or her sexes. Consult a doctor and take some precautions about whom we are talking about below –

1. Wash the sex after making urine.
2. After the urine, pour water into the restroom, otherwise, the disease can be done to others
3. Do not Build Unprotected Body
4. Always use condoms
5. Wash the sex after making physical relationship
6. Increase the amount of drinking water
7. Make a brine before bedtime
8. Do not keep piss off for long
9. Piss even after making physical relationship

10. Do not wear excessive clothing
11. Do not make physical relation with multiple partners
12. Avoid Drug Addiction
13. Check for regular sugar

Gourd juice

The main reason for irritation in the urethra is to increase the number of acids in the urine, so by drinking gourd juice, this problem is cured. Gourd juice contains 96% water and its nature is alkaline so it reduces the effect of acid. Since gourd juice is very low in calories, it is also very beneficial for weight loss. Gourd also has plenty of fiber content.

How To Make These Drinks Of Gourd

To make gourd juice, first, peel a gourd and cut it into small pieces.

Now wash a few mint leaves and coriander leaves.

Make a juice of gourd by putting gourd pieces, coriander leaves and mint leaves into juices.

Squeeze the juice into a vessel and squeeze a lemon into it. Lemon contains Vitamin C and many other antioxidants so this will give you relief.

Now add black salt according to the taste and refrigerate for a while.

Drink this juice not empty stomach but drink half an hour after breakfast.

If you want to make it tasty, then mix gourd with your favorite fruit and vegetables.

Drink apple juice

Apple is the fruit found in every season and the power to fight against many diseases is present in this apple alone. Apple contains anti-bacterial substances that help in the destruction of bacteria in the body.

Take half a teaspoon of honey in two teaspoons of apple juice and take it with a glass of water. By doing this, relief is given in urine immediately. You can use this recipe two to three times a day.

Consume(Eat) fruits containing vitamin C

In all those citrus fruits, Vitamin C is found in abundance such as orange, seasonal, pineapple, pomegranate, lemon, amla etc. All these fruits remove every type of problem of our digestion system and also treat many diseases associated with the stomach.

Eat all types of citrus fruits and drink their juice too. In all these fruits citric acid is also found which is beneficial for you, as well as vitamin C is also called natural antioxidant. It proves useful in preventing irritation.

Use baking soda

Baking soda acts to balance the amount of acid in our body. Eating baking soda can reduce the amount of acid in the urine. Mix one spoon baking soda in a glass of water daily and drink it. By doing this, your problem will be treated soon.

Eat cardamom

Cardamom is considered a good medicine to clean the stomach. Make a powder by grinding cardamom, now mixing one spoonful of cardamom powder with a glass of hot milk, it consumes urine and it also ends the problem of irritation.

Eat basil leaves

There are anti-biotic, anti-bacterial elements in Basil, which help us fight harmful viruses in our body. By chewing stomach basil leaves in the morning every morning, the problem of irritation of urine is eliminated from the root.

“Water” is the best medicine to burn in urine

Often people become so busy at work that they do not drink enough water throughout the day. Due to which impurities increase in the body, remember, water acts to filter our body, that is, to remove impurities accumulating in the body. That is why it is very important to drink plenty of water.

People who complain of urination in the urine should drink 8 to 12 glasses of water daily. Sip and drink sour water always benefits.

Friends, in this article, we have explained to you the problem related to irritation of urine in detail and we hope you will benefit from this article. If you have any questions, you can also ask us for a comment. Thanks !!

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