Dark Lipsticks Are The Slow Poison?


Dark Lipsticks Are The Slow Poison, Know How To Attack On The Body…

Lipstick has become the most important part of makeup in today’s time. From the party of the party to the normal ceremony of the house, women’s makeup is not complete without lipstick. If lipstick is declared an integral part of women’s life then this would not be wrong. But do you know how lipstick can ruin your life? Yes, it is true that lipstick acts as a slow pigeon for your body …

Dark lipstick takes place in Lead –

In order to keep the lipstick bright and lubricated, the element called Lead is mixed. Which is also known as lead. It has a great effect on our body. A research done on it has been found that girls apply lipsticks on their lips 10 to 12 times during the day. So, even at least 87 milligrams a day lipstick is done by a tongue. The darker the lipstick is, the more the amount of lead is found in the lipstick.

What kind of serious diseases can there be in the body of lipstick?

The risk of kidney failure –

Lipsticks are made using metals such as chromium, cadmium, lead, magnesium, and aluminum, which, after reaching the body through the lips, completely degrades the organs, besides the lipstick has a considerable amount of ingredients such as cadmium, Which helps in damaging the kidney. Causes of stomach tumors can also be caused.

Harmful to the skin –

Using continuous lipstick, the chemicals found in them help to damage your skin. This causes problems like irritation in the eyes, allergies, tightness in the body and sore throat. Apart from this, it helps to increase the skin related problems by closing the hair follicles of the skin.



Stomach ulcers and paralysis –

The aluminum which is mixed in lipstick is harmful to the body. After applying these on your lips, the mouth starts to grow in the stomach, then the amount of toxic elements in the body begins to grow. By which the problem of ulcers in the stomach increases. At the same time, it helps to increase diseases like paralysis on body parts. Apart from this, it helps in reducing the immune system to fight diseases by reaching the body.


Caution –

Before buying lipstick, read the list of the indentives given in it. You choose such lipstick. No use of any kind of chemicals (lead). And also be aware that there are some companies that do not disclose this fact behind the product. So, check it thoroughly before buying.

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