Breastfeeding Positions for Mom and Baby: Every Mother Needs to know?

Breastfeeding Positions

For any girl, that day is most special when she becomes a mother. One of the most important things that happen after becoming a mother is breastfeeding your baby. 

This is a very important process for the nourishment of the child. But it is often seen that many women do not know the exact position to breastfeed.

Being a mother requires that you know the correct position of breastfeeding for your baby, in which position she drinks milk well because sometimes the position is not correct

because the children do not drink milk well, which leads to their nutrition. 

Remains incomplete. So today we are going to tell you some of the breastfeeding positions you can choose.

1.Cradle hold

Breastfeeding Positions

This position remains in Baskie Position. For this, you have to sit in the chair or bed and keep the pillow under the feet. Take the child in his lap and support his head with his help. Keep in mind that the next part of the baby will be on your side during breastfeeding. 

When giving milk, give support to the spine, neck and lower part of the child with your hands. If your child is more than 1 month old then this position will be the best option.

2. Cross-Cradle Hold

Breastfeeding Positions

If your child is just a few days old then this position will be ideal for you. In this position, the child can not easily remove the mother’s nipple from the mouth, due to which she gets enough milk. 

In this position, if you are milking the baby with the right breast, then holding the baby well with your left side and turning it slightly towards your breast. Keep in mind that during this time your hand is just behind the child’s head.

3. Side Laying Position

Breastfeeding Positions

This position proves to be more effective at the time when the child is also breastfeeding while sleeping. For this, you lie down on one side and place your child’s face on it. 

Bring the child’s head to your breast with your hands and milk. Keep in mind that while giving milk, you should give a child’s head sporting hands.

4. Soccer Hold

breastfeeding position

This position is also quite easy. For this, you have to catch your own child like a football in your hands. Keep in mind that the level of the baby’s nose is at your nipple level and the foot is backward. You can keep a pillow behind yourself to keep yourself in a fit. In this position, place your hands under the child’s neck, spine, head and lower part so that it can give the sport. You can try this position to stress on the stomach.

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