blue Tea: Move over black & green tea stay young, beautiful and fight depression.

blue Tea: Move over black & green tea stay young, beautiful and fight depression.

Many people start the day with tea and chips. Some people like having some milk tea, then some black tea and some green tea. Green tea consumption is considered to be very beneficial for health. But today we are going to tell you about blue tea. After knowing it you probably will not like to drink green tea too.

If you want to eradicate your tension and depression, then you should take the Blue Tea made from Aparajita (Butterfly pea) flowers. The flowers of Aparajita are as beautiful The same are beneficial for our health. So by consuming tea made of flowers, you can easily eliminate your stress and depression.

How to make Blue Tea –

This tea made of Aparajita  (Butterfly pea) flowers is called Blue T. Take the water as you need to make blue tea. Then, while heats it, add one spoon of sugar and one flower of Aparajita. When the sugar dissolves in water and the water starts to boil well, then take off the filter and take it out. Blue T is very beneficial for our health. Let’s know about its benefits.

blue Tea Move over black & green tea stay young, beautiful and fight depression.

Benefits of Blue Tea –

1- To eradicate fatigue and tension
When you are undergoing tension or fatigue, you should take the Blue T. It is very effective in removing your stress and mental stress.

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2- For the beautiful face
If you want your face look always glow. If there is no type of infection on your face, then you have to make a coating by placing the root of the Aparajita plant. Put this coating on your face and after 20 minutes wash your face with plain water. With this experiment, your face becomes more bright and glowing than ever.

3- To change the color of the food
The flowers of Aprajita(Clitoria Ternatea) are very useful for changing the color of the food. If you want to change the color of food, then for this you need to dry the flowers of Aprajita. After that, make their powder. Now Put this powder into one spoon. Thus, the color of any item of your food becomes easily changed without any problem. Knowing the benefits of this Blue Tea, Take advantage of Blue Tea and take advantage of it.

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