Blackhead Removal For Oily Skin, Cure For Acne, Acme, Blackhead Removal Cyst!

During warm and humid days, face skin becomes oily. This problem is due to the secretion of sebum in the body. Dust and smoke present in polluted environments have a bad effect on this oily skin, this makes our skin look sticky, dull and dirty. In this way, the hair follicles of our skin are closed and as a result, the nail-acne comes out on the face. But every woman has a desire to get a beautiful skin. For this, he uses a variety of beauty products or goes to a beauty parlor.

Let’s know about the simple ways you can get rid of oily skin.

One of the different types of skin – oily skin. Women with such skin have a lot of trouble during the summer. There is a bad effect of dust and sun in the oily skin. Women with this type of skin do not even have the make-up. Because of this, women with oily skin should take precautions while doing make-up.

To get rid of oily skin, you can avoid this problem with the help of available materials at home. There are several ways in Ayurveda for this kind of problem of skin. By adopting Ayurvedic remedies, you can avoid unnecessary purchases of any creams or gels. Let us know about those home remedies mentioned in Ayurveda which you can get rid of oily skin.

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Oily skin is not liked by anyone, because this causes our skin to face many problems. Although oily skin looks very bright in the skin and in winter, such skin does not require any kind of moisturizer. But oily skin does not look good to everyone.

Do You Know That There Are Many Reasons For Oily Skin Such As

• Hormonal Changes

• Pregnancy

• Hereditary Reasons

• Diet

• Contraceptive Pills

• Soft and Warm Weather

• Cosmetic

Now let us talk about some of the special methods of trying to try this oily skin.


Clingan is a process through which you can reduce the excess oil on your skin. Because cleansing opens all the pores present on our face and all the dirt of the face is also cleaned. But whenever you do a cleansing, keep in mind that you must clean your face with lukewarm water only.


After this, you should always tone your skin well. This will stop the existing pores on your face and you will not get any kind of mess on your face.

Use Glycolic Cream

Glycolic cream is very good for oily skin. Hydrating agents are found in this. Which makes your skin shine by going deep into your pores. The amount of hydrated hydrates in the oily skin is low. Therefore, when you use this cream in this way, it helps to make your skin hydrated.

Clean Up With Blotting Paper

If your face’s skin is oily then you do not need to wash it again and again. Use the bloating paper to remove the oil from the skin of your face. This will help you reduce the lubrication of the skin.

Do Not Scrub Your Skin

For those whose face is oily skin, it is important that they do not rub it repeatedly to clean their skin. Because the excess rub can damage your skin and the skin may be more oily. Women with this skin should also avoid the use of hot water and steam, as it also removes fatty acids. Apply mulberry clay to fix your face oily skin.

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Use Minimal Makeup

Women with oily skin should make at least make up. Use the foundation before make-up on your face. Excessive makeup closes the hair follicle. It is very important to remove the makeup before sleeping at night.

Moisturize Your Skin

The moisturizer should be used to keep the skin hydrated. Morcherizers prevent skin from drying. You can also use moisturizers with aloe vera and glycerin.

Choose The Right Cleanser

If you are troubled with oily skin then, in this case, you should choose the right cleanser according to your skin. When purchasing a cleaner, keep in mind that neem and T-oil may be found in it, as well as your cleanser is transparent.

Well, You Can Also Try Other Tips In Addition To The Above Tips.


Lemon oil is very good for the skin. It is a natural remedy that can reduce the skin on your skin as well as the oil on it. For this, apply lemon juice at least once a day on your face.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is also good for our skin. With this help, you can reduce the oil on your skin and make your skin even softer than before.

Rose Water With Red Sandalwood

blackhead removal for Oily skin, cure For acne, acme, blackhead removal cyst!

This is a very old way, with the help of which you can reduce the oil on your skin and also remove many other skin problems.

Honey And Multani Soil

These two things are also good for oily skin, and if you want, you can experiment with making Multani clay separately. Or honey and Multani clay mixed together can also be used by making a paste.

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