Avoid A C Now? If No, Have To Be Ready For These Dangerous Diseases!

Almost all of us spend the whole day in summer as the summer comes, whether in the office or in the house. Yes, in the office you spend many hours of the day in the AC and also stay in the AC at home to ease fatigue. Some people are like this, whose home and office are running twenty-four hours a day. Of course, staying in AC gives you relief from the heat, but do you know that there are many of its losses. Which can damage your health in the long run? If you do not believe, then let’s know how staying in AC makes your body sick.
  • Without the AC, one step is also difficult to walk.
  • Perhaps you are unaware of its harmful effects now
  • You can suffer from many major diseases.
  • In the joints produces stiffness along with pain.
  • The immune system seems to be weak.
  • The possibility of sinus infection is greater.
Heat fast or fewer people are habituated to stay in AC all the time. Say that nowadays, lifestyle has become one of the basic needs of the people in the lifestyle. Whether the house or the office and the car, the AC needs everywhere. Without an AC, one step is also difficult to walk. But do you know that it puts many kinds of negative effects on your health?


Yet you can not completely escape the air condition in the summer, so it is best to be sure to minimize it and regularly clean it. So let’s understand its side effects today. It can infect you with many major diseases.

Physical Problems Arising From AC

  • Prolonged illness
  • Lack of fresh air
  • Problem of bones
  • Wrinkles on skin
  • Low tolerance towards heat
  • Joint pain
  • Immune system weakness
  • Obesity
  • Infections
  • Persistent fatigue
  • Effect of brain capacity

Prolonged Illness

If you are suffering from chronic illness, the air conditioner can be harmful to you. This is because of the symptoms of low blood pressure and arthritis increase in the air condition. At the same time, it makes difficult management difficult.
Lack Of Fresh Air


The biggest problem is that our body does not get clean air. Before switching on AC, we shut down all window-doors. Due to this, the room’s air is closed in the same radius, due to which our body does not get fresh air and it works like the obstruction in our body growth.

Problem Of Bones


During sleeping in AC, we cool down the room temperature many times, our body has the ability to tolerate the cold, to a great extent, at the time of sleep, when our body gets very cold and we know It does not even run. Due to this cold, problems related to bones are started in our body, and these problems also take the form of diseases.
Wrinkles On Skin


As we do on AC, our sweat becomes dry due to its coolness. But AC rooms pull the humidity of the body together. Due to the decrease of this moisture, there is a shortage of water in our body. This causes wrinkles on the skin to appear. Due to lack of water in the body, the diseases start to dominate the body and many diseases of the skin tighten us.
Low Tolerance Towards Heat(Summer)
Those who spend more time in air-conditioned rooms, they have less tolerance of heat, and after spending more time in low temperatures their body is very difficult to adjust with warm temperatures. This intolerance is particularly uncomfortable for people living in warmer climates when they move out in the summer.
Joint Pain


Having constant AC temperature in the AC does not only cause knee problems but also causes aches in the joint along with pain in all the joints of the body and their functioning gradually decreases.

Immune System Weakness


An immune system is weak due to its presence in AC, and due to the weakness of the immune system, you start to feel sick.



The use of air conditioners increases obesity. This happens because in the cool place our body does not have energy expenditure, which increases the fat of the body.


If you live four or more hours in AC, the chances of having sinus infection are greater, because staying in the cold for a long time muscles become stiff.
Persistent fatigue

Staying in AC for a long time can be a problem of staying tired. Fresh Air Circulation is not available for long while sitting in AC. Not only this, you may feel a headache and irritation if you reduce the temperature.

Effect of brain capacity

When the temperature of AC is too low, brain cells are also contracted, which affects brain capacity and functioning. Not only this, you may also have a problem with frequent dizziness.
Although we get a lot of comfort in AC due to its losses, it should be avoided. It may not be that we are hurting her instead of giving relief to the body. So do not raise friendship with the AC.
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