6 Healthy Drinks That Will Help You Lose Weight!

Generally, all women do makeup to enhance the fame of your face, decorate – embellishments. To enhance this beauty, their todd and fit body shape are also important. All of you think enough to keep your body healthy and fit and plan to work hard but they can not do it. If you are too busy because of your work or are short of time, then you can take these drinks to reduce your extra weight.

1. Watermelon Smoothie
2. Pineapple frappe
3. Honey and Cinnamon water
4. Dandelion tea
5. Peppermint tea
6. Plum water

So, these are the few drinks that will help you to maintain a fit figure and to shed some extra weight.

1. Watermelon Smoothie

The amount of water in the watermelon during the summer is high. Which help strengthen your metabolism, as well as reduce your weight. Lemon juice and mint consumption also reduce body weight.

Necessary Ingredients:

• Watermelon – 2 cups
• Lemon juice – 1 big spoon
• Mint leaves – 5 – 6

Preparation Method:

• First, put lemon juice and mint leaves in the blender jar with melon pieces.
• 2. Grind the mixture well.
• 3. Then take it out in a glass.

Drink a glass of juice every day. You can drink a glass of juice instead of a one-time diet, which will help you lose weight.

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2. Pineapple Frappe

The elements present in the pineapple which are helpful to reduce the stomach fat and weight. It also helps to cure constipation.

Necessary Ingredients:

• Pineapple – 3-4
• Flaccid Oil – 1/2 Tablespoon

Preparation Method:

• Take a blender and put flax oil in it with pineapple slices.
• 2. Blend it and mix it well.
• Then put it in a glass of glass and eat it.

3. Honey And Cinnamon Water

In the mixture of honey and cinnamon, there are the natural properties of controlling blood sugar. It also improves digestion. Due to these qualities, it helps in weight loss due to its intake.

Necessary Ingredients:

• Honey – 1 tbsp
• Cinnamon – 1/2 Tablespoon
• Water 1 glass

Preparation Method:

• Mix honey and cinnamon powder in a glass of water.
• 2. Drink it empty stomach in the morning.

4. Dandelion Tea

Tea made from Dandelion flowers are beneficial for health. It consumes the toxins of the body away from it.

Necessary Ingredients:

• Water – 1 liter
• Honey – 3 spoons
• Dandelion Petals

Preparation Method :

• Boil the dandelion flower petals with a glass of water in a jar.
• Now add honey to it.
• After cooling, put it in the fridge for four hours.
• Then drink this tea with joy.

5. Peppermint Tea

Peppermint has properties to control inflammation and acidity. It also improves metabolism and thus, by consuming it gradually lose weight.

Necessary Ingredients:

• Water – 1 glass
• Lemon Slice – 3 – 5
• Peppermint T-1 bags
• ice

Preparation Method:

• Make tea with peppermint first and let it cool down.
• After this add lemon and ice to it.
• Drink this cold tea before meals.

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6. Plum Water

The Plum water is also a great beverage. Those who detoxify the body and help in weight loss

Necessary Ingredients:

• Water – 1 glass
• Plum – 2

Preparation Method:

• First, wash the plum and divide it into half – half squares.
• Take water in a jar and pieces of this cut plum.
• Then put it in the fridge for a week.
• Filter the water later and drink it every morning.

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