5 beauty benefits of baking soda, gives pink lips and Glowing skin.

5 beauty benefits of baking soda, gives pink lips and Glowing skin.

Often we spend lot’s of money on the expensive cream to look young and beautiful. we take many expensive treatments to make the skin more beautiful and young, which prove to be very dangerous and damaging to the skin many times. But we forget that there are many things in our house that through which we can enhance our beauty.

Every person wants to look beautiful. All of these follow the home beauty tips. But it takes too long to see the effect of these. That is why here today you are talking about something that shows its effect very quickly and after using it you will not want to use anything else. This is baking soda. It is also used in food for use as well as for many beauty benefits.

baking soda, gives pink lips, Glowing skin and remove oil from oily skin .it’s also make your skin spotless and wrinkles free. it will remove acne and stains permanently on your face after this you will look young and beautiful.

1. Reduce wrinkles

The biggest problem of growing age is facial wrinkles. Baking soda helps in reducing it. This reduces wrinkles by increasing the balloon circulation near the eyes. Mix a few drops of water in half a tablespoon powder and face massage under the eyes. Wash after 10 minutes.

2. For Glowing Skin

Sodium carbonated in the baking soda removes the garment from your face and makes it glowing. For this mix one spoon of baking soda mixed with two spoons orange juice or lemon juice and mix this paste on the face. Clean it with water for 15 minutes.

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3. Relief from Oily Skin

Winter or heat oily skin irritates every season. To get rid of this oil, apply baking soda on the face. Make a thick paste, mixing one spoon baking soda equal to water. Put this paste on face and massage for a few seconds. Wash with cold water after 10 minutes.

4. For Stain and spots finish

Stains-spots make the face ugly To finish them, mix the water in baking soda, make the paste and apply it on stains. Keep it for 10 minutes and afterward, wash with cold water.

5. Make the Black Lips Pink

The distinguish black lips on the face spoil the whole look. You can pink it with baking soda. For this add a little honey in just half a spoon baking soda and rub the paste with the light hands on the lips. Soon you will see its effect.

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