31 Benefits Of Garlic For Skin, Hair, Health, Beauty & L & H Blood Pressure!

However garlic is full of medicinal properties and thousands of users have been reported in Ayurveda, but do you know that through garlic you can get rid of many skin and hair related problems? If not, then we are going to tell you today, many more such measures which you can get through the use of garlic, fresher skin and dense healthy hair.

I Am Going Tell you How Garlic Is Use full For Skin, Hair, Health, Beauty & L & H Blood Pressure!

1. Skin Itching

If you are upset with itching then get rid of the garlic buds spilt a little later on the itchy place and get rid of the itching.

2. Treatment Of Acne

At this point in time, rub the garlic 3-4 times a day at the acne/acne area, this problem can be solved.

3. Hair Loss

Nutrients found in garlic make the hair thick. To remove the problem of hair loss, apply garlic oil in hair and roots. Let it stay all night and wake up in the morning to wash your hair with a good quality shampoo.

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4. Acne

Mix white vinegar and 2 juice of garlic in equal quantity. Apply this mixture to the mouths with the help of a cotton ball. By doing this for a few days, you will get rid of the mischief.

5. Make Hair Root Strong

Mix honey in garlic juice and prepare a thin paste and apply it in the hair roots. After applying about 1 to 2 slices, wash it with shampoo. Use this aromatic shampoo to avoid odour after this experiment.

6. Uneven Whites In The Hair

Mix garlic buds with olive oil and heat it when it is fully absorbed in it, keep it aside for cooling. Then put it on your hair. Leave alone for the night, and wash your hair with cold water on the second day and wash it with cold water on the second day.

7. Hair Problems

There are many different types of problems in hair. This is a general way to get rid of these – Prepare a paste by adding garlic juice and black pepper in coconut oil. Keep it warm. Massage your head with this lukewarm oil.

8. Stretch Marks

Lightly massage hot garlic oil on the place where the stretch marks are. To make garlic oil, you can add garlic buds in any oil and heat it for a while. Your garlic oil will be ready.

9. For Wrinkles

In the morning empty stomach takes a garlic bud with a little honey and take it with a little honey. Regularly eat, your wrinkles will gradually decrease.

10. For The Problem Of Large Plummet

Take a paste of 3-4 garlic buds and mix half an equal amount of tomatoes in it. Apply this paste to face peach mask. Wash after 20 minutes.

11. Nail Problems

To remove the yellowness of the nails, apply garlic juice on them. Wash your hands after drying. Do 2 times a week. Not only will the nails be strong, but they will also get yellowish.

12. Athlete’s Foot

Take lukewarm water in a big bucket or pot and put about 2 teaspoons of garlic in it. Now about half-an-half feet in it. Continuous use will benefit from experimentation.

13. Skin Scars On The Skin

Apply garlic paste regularly on stains of spots. Wash after drying.

14. For Wares

Some garlic buds were worn on warto. Slowly the wart will disappear.

15. Problems With Dandruff 

If you are troubled by Russian, then regular use of garlic oil can get rid of it. Massage the head with garlic oil for this. Leave all night and shampoo the other day.

16. For The Thick Hair

Mix honey in garlic paste and put it in the hair. Shampoo after 2 hours. This will make the hair dense and strong.

17. For White Skin

2-3 buds of garlic regularly eat empty stomach in the morning.

18. Whiteheads And Blackheads

Garbage bud rub on whiteheads and blackheads will get very quick benefit.

19. Eczema Or Skin Infection

For problems like eczema, you can also apply garlic paste on it. But take this measure with a little caution. You should first use it as an experiment and apply a little garlic paste to see if you are not feeling too much irritation or other problems. If you wish, you can also consult a doctor.

20. Sunburn Or Sunburn Skin

Place the garlic juice on the spot of the skin that has sunburn. You will see the difference.

21. Spilt Hair

Bothered by hairstyle? Garlic juice is very beneficial for this. Put it in the hair and shampoo after a while.

22. Stuck Hair

If you are stuck with stout hair, then using garlic juice can be helpful in this too.

💡 Do you know these things about garlic?

1) Garlic is rich with many nutritious ingredients – Manganese, Vitamin B and Vitamin C,  fiber, calcium, potassium and iron. And this list is only partial!

2) There is so much nutritious element, calories from above are not equal to

3) Most of the garlic is cultivated in China. You might be surprised to know that approximately

2/3 of the world’s garlic production comes from China. Do not know, the secret of the Chinese women’s pneumatic skin is probably garlic!

4) To improve the performance of the players, garlic was consumed in the old time. Even for a time, the Olympic Committee made arrangements for garlic consumption for the players themselves.

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