12 Tips to Take Care of Your Feet This Winter

 12 Tips to Take Care of Your Feet This Winter

Skin problems such as crispness, skin disfiguration, and skin rushing when winters come, it has to be two to four such problems. In winter, feet have to undergo many types of problems. So we are telling you some tips for foot care in winter.

Many times, if they do not care properly on the feet, they break very badly, if the cracks are cracked, then it is very painful. Once the feet have become lifeless, they look not only to look crappy, but they can become a painful crack when they are not treated, in which the bacteria can easily grow.


If you look at the skin of the legs during the time, such problems can be avoided. By following the following tips you can keep your feet beautiful and healthy even in winter.

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We take proper care of our skin and hair in the winter season but often overlook our feet.

We should take special care of our feet during the winter season because in the winter there is an ankle rupture problem because there is no oil gland in the legs.

  • Dust-clogged and hard soap are also due to leg bursts.
  • Make sure to clean your feet with hot water before sleeping.
  • Do the dead cells of the feet also help with the help of out

Here are some tips for taking care of your feet in winters.

Justify your feet

We should moisturize our feet twice a day by doing this so that you can keep your feet dry and avoid drying.

Honey and hot water treatment

You can scrub your feet with hot water in which honey is found, and you can scrub them comfortably because honey is bactericidal and antiseptic properties and acts as an effective moisturizing agent.

Massage with olive oil

Massaging the feet with olive oil, doing this will not only make your feet moisturize but also make blood circulation better.

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Wear branded socks


Use cotton socks in thick jars that moisturize your feet and protects your anteroom from cracking.

How to Take Care of Your Feet in the Winter: 12 Steps

1. If your bees are tearing, then dip the feet in hot water for a while before sleeping at night. So that your legs remain soft

2. To clean the dirt and dirt on the feet, take a little warm water in a tub and put 3 teaspoons of salt and honey in it. Now, after dipping the feet in this water, sit for 10 minutes.

3. Keep your feet moist as soon as possible. Wear cotton socks after applying a good moisturizer. You can also use natural oil instead of lotions to get good results.

4. Always wear casual shoes so your feet can get plenty of space. Due to the tightening of the beads or feet, hardships can increase pain.

5. Use a good antibacterial to clean the feet and also treat the dry skin of your feet. By doing so, the bacteria of the cracks in your leg are destroyed and the likelihood of infection in them is greatly reduced.
6. Use the pomaceous stone to remove the dead cells of the feet, which can remove the hard skin.
To keep feet away from skin related problems and keep them soft, rub them with lemon. Do this for at least one day in a week. Along with that, you can sip your feet in a hot water tub with a cup of Ipsum salt.

7. Clean the feet on dry every night and after drying, apply lotions on your feet and moisten them completely.

Top Best Tips to take care of Dry Feet in Winter Season.

8. Do not try to cut dry skin with scissors, because it can remove enough skin from you, which will be very painful and it may also cause infection in your feet.

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9. Use natural oil on the feet and put natural oil on the skin and rinse with light hands. This leads to moisture on the rigid skin, and they become shiny and beautiful too.

10. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water per day. Also, avoid caffeine and alcohol consumption. Their consumption reduces the amount of water in the body.

11. Mix two teaspoons of sugar in a spoon of oil, rubbing it on hands and feet, doing so softens the legs. Sunflower oil is also very beneficial for this.

12. Most important is to protect your feet from dust and soil. Wear socks to protect your feet from dirt or put oil on the feet at night and then sleep on wearing socks. The feet will remain soft and keep clean.

Many times it is not possible that you can do your home remedies for dry skin. Keep in mind that dry skin can also be an indication of any other disease, so it is very important that doctors get advice.

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